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Episode Transcripts

"Friday Debates with My Boss" A Solo Nightmare Fuel

Feeling Very Single and Slutty

My Last Therapy Session

"Picture Kath and Kel Kissing" A Nightmare Fuel with Christian Hull

That's What My Pussy's Been Up To

"That Was Cooked" NMF

"I'm Coming Out As Tragic" with Alok Vaid-Menon

"The Madonna-Whore Complex Is V Strong" A Solo Nightmare Fuel

"It's Petty Drama and I LOVE IT" A Reddit Bonus Episode with Rowdie

"Questions Finally Answered" A Nightmare Fuel with Rowdie Walden

Pussy's Pussy Babe. Pussy's Pussy.

Kinks Derived From Trauma with Producer Lem

"This Sh*t Belongs On A Current Affair" A Solo Nightmare Fuel

How Is The Majority Suffering, SAM NEWMAN?!

"Would I Call Triple Zero?" A Solo Nightmare Fuel

Wait! Is That A Symptom Of ADHD? with Steph Georgiou

"And That's The Last Boy I Slept With" NMF with Allira Potter

A swinger's party gone absolutely rouge!

Navigating Open Relationships with Georgia Grace

Like Chicken Nuggets In A Sweet And Sour Sauce

The No Excuses Fatphobic Bullsh*t HAS TO END

The Most F*cked Nightmare Fuel We've Ever Had

FFS She Can Frown If She Wants To!

Why Drag Bingo Is Ruined For Max

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