Episode Transcripts

Le Bach Recap: A Long Extended Cuddle Isn't Penetration Darl...

As Jamie Lee cops some unfair heteronormative assumptions, Carissa unexpectedly decides to exit this season of The Bachelorette. Abbie chats to Carissa to find out why and then explains why we should all be celebrating a monumental queer moment on primetime TV. 

Published Nov 5, 2021

COVID Made Me Cheat On You

We're in 2021 and men are STILL obsessing over body counts and virginity. WTF? Also, which of the three Nightmare Fuels got Abbie gagging (and not in a good way)?

Published Nov 2, 2021 

Le Bach Recap: Konrad, Please Be My Loveseat with Ritu Chhina and Jess Franklin

What is up with people being so sensitive about being cut off? What does Jess have to say about the Loveseat saga as it continues? And, what is Ritu planning on doing after leaving the show?

Published Oct 29, 2021

Time To Marinate In The Shit Feels with Dr Lurve

Little did Abbie know that this chat is going to turn into a legit therapy session. Love and Relationship guru Dr Lurve sits with Abbie to talk about toxic relationships, narcissism, and what went wrong with EBTIL.

Published Oct 26, 2021

Le Bach Recap: A Loveseat Is Not A Tampon Babe with Brooke Blurton

Abbie celebrates with her Bachelorette bestie Brooke Blurton as she recaps the happenings of the very first episode of the new season of The Bachelorette.

So, why is Abbie comparing a loveseat to a tampon?

And, who is Abbie keen on having a threesome with (besides Brooke)?

Published Nov 2, 2021

Only Fans Isn't Revolutionising Sex Work with Tilly Lawless

Eight years of sex work and one book later, Tilly Lawless is asking everyone: Can we please stop glamourising sex work? We chat Only Fans, sex-work and how Tilly has seen it change since her early 20s when she first started, relationships as a sex-worker, social media, and how she found the time to write a whole-ass book! 'Nothing But My Body'.

Published Oct 19, 2021 

Rancid Eddie's Lyrics Are The Least Of Their Problems

Can you seperate the song from the artist? Is Rancid Eddie's most recent song an accurate depiction of Aussie night life? Suffice to say, Abbie is FUMING and a Rancid Eddie is due for a much-deserved rant.

Published Oct 12, 2021

Sorry Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated with Tarang Chawla

Writer, anti-violence campaigner, gender equality advocate, and sorry expert Tarang Chawla joins Abbie as he unpacks his 'No Nonsense Guide to Saying Sorry'. Also, why does he think that Nadia Bartel's apology was way more effective than that of Georgia Love's? Side note, can more men be like Tarang plz?

Published Oct 5, 2021

Darl I'm The Opposite Of A Pick-Me

Why do some people think Abbie is a 'mean girl'? Is gossiping OK when it's done in private? And, an earth-shattering Nightmare Fuel featuring a limp dick, 7 sweat beads, and a mid-sex porn break. 

Published Sep 28, 2021

BONUS: What Goes On Behind Closed Doors Around Australia You Horn Dogs

How do you rate yourself as a lover? Do you pee in the shower? Have you ever fantasised about a stranger? and perhaps MOST importantly, does seeing someone get swooped by a magpie give you an IMMEASURABLE amount of pleasure? In this special bonus episode Abbie and producer Elise break down the kinks and non-sexual quirks of people from all across the country.

Published Sep 25, 2021

Feminists Can Get Nose Jobs Babe

Why is Abbie freaking out about life post-lockdown? Why is Abbie NOT your go-to person when it comes to confidence? And, are you still considered to be a feminist if you want to go for a nose job?

Published Sep 21, 2021

Love To See A Girl Boss Winning with Flex Mami

What's so wrong about tying your self worth to a job? Why is 'wanting' so central to 'achieving'? Is there a formula to reaching your goals? Flex Mami brings in BUCKETS of knowledge, eloquence, and experience to unpack all things success.

Published Sep 14, 2021

Carly Findlay: It’s Liberating Not To Care So Much

Abbie invites writer, activist, and advocate Carly Findlay on the pod to talk disability, ableism, tokenism, fashion, AND roller blading. 

Published Sep 7, 2021