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A swinger's party gone absolutely rouge!

A swinger's party gone absolutely rouge!

Published March 17, 2022

Navigating Open Relationships with Georgia Grace

Now that mummy and daddy have spilled the beans, everyone wants to know, what does it take to have a successful open relationship? What if the green-eyed monster wants to chime in and have a say? And - off topic- how can you make yourself squirt? Certified sex expert Georgia Grace (aka GSpot) has all the answers.

Published March 08, 2022

Like Chicken Nuggets In A Sweet And Sour Sauce

An antivax mum fully sucked into a QAnon rabbit hole believes in the most bizzare sh*t you'll ever hear. But also, WTF are nanobots? 

Published Feb 11, 2022

The No Excuses Fatphobic Bullsh*t HAS TO END

Ever heard anyone say "No excuses, get your pap smear"?

No, because the pressure to take care of your sexual health comes to NOTHING compared to the pressure society places on losing weight. FFS, Enough is ENOUGH!

Published Feb 8, 2022

The Most F*cked Nightmare Fuel We've Ever Had

Everyone, meet the subject of our Nightmare Fuel today: Circus Dave. He's poetic, sensitive, eloquent, and a downright MASSIVE dick.

Published Feb 4, 2022

FFS She Can Frown If She Wants To!

It's expected that Abbie has SO MUCH to say about the Grace Tame photo op so be prepared for a class A cathartic rant.

Published Feb 1, 2022

Why Drag Bingo Is Ruined For Max

Nearly no break up story is worse than being dumped on national TV. Right? Well, this Nightmare Fuel comes in as a close second.

Published Jan 28, 2022