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Meet your host

Hi! I'm Abbie,

The host of The 'It's A Lot' podcast and The national radio show ‘Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield’. 

You may recognise me from a little show called The Bachelor, but this podcast is (hopefully) far from what you would expect from the most notorious Gemini in Australia. 

​After The Bachelor finished airing, and I was left heart broken on a rock in South Africa, I began to use my Instagram in the way that I wanted to, discussing sex, mental health, the patriarchy and everything in between. I would receive countless DMs from followers letting me know how much they appreciate my IDGAF approach to all of these taboo topics, so I decided to start this podcast to house all of my thoughts in one place.

It's A Lot is a place for people to be involved in casual conversations about serious topics, feeling like having a wine with friends. On the podcast, my guest of the week and I answer listener Q&As ranging from sex and dating to career advice, then do a deep dive into their area of interest.

​It's A Lot is a podcast full of laughs, advice, education and relatable life experiences. The classic "education but make it fun" mantra. ​

If you have any topic suggestions, questions or comments, shoot an email to


​I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy creating my little baby podcast!  

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